Maria Theresien exhibition in the Wagenburg

Ausstellung Maria Theresia in der Wagenburg, 19.04.2017

The 300th birthday of the great ruler is celebrated with several exhibitions. After visiting the two exhibitions in Hof and Niederweiden immediately after the opening in March, we went to the Wagenburg exhibition in Schönbrunn on April 19, 2017. The woman power also proves the photo of part of the group next to the portrait of Maria Theresia.



On February 15th, 2017 we visited the exhibition of the American painter Giorgia O’Keeffe in the Kunstforum in Vienna. The art educator gave us a good insight into the way the artist works, after which the group ended the afternoon in the coffee house with stimulating conversations.



parliament Budapest

The last study trip took us from 10th to 12th February 2017 to Budapest – a time of year that certainly does not lead to city walks in the midday heat, it was cold but sunny!

The journey by train was relaxing, so we were able to start our sightseeing program with verve in the afternoon. A colleague who has been to Budapest many times took the tour on Friday afternoon, on Saturday we were on the road with an excellent city guide who showed us many hidden little things and answered all our questions competently. On Sunday we explored the city on our own.


City Park Budapest


study trip 20.-22.03.2015

Blick auf Gamla Stan

View of Gamla Stan

Stockholm is on the program for many trips to the North Cape, so we wanted to work our way through the city in order to be prepared for the coming season. A city tour with light snow blowing gave the first overview, then we went to the Wasa Museum. The next day – with clear skies and icy winds – we explored the old town with an excellent city guide, after which we had time to explore the surrounding area of Gamla Stan. On the third day, everyone set their own priorities, interior visits, such as a guided tour of the Stadshuset or the Modern Museum, had the advantage that they were not so exposed to the weather, the tireless people were not stopped by the snowstorm, the Skansen open-air museum or the Explore the Södermalm district.



Grand Place by night

In November 2013, a group of tour guides went on a study trip to Brussels. Brussels is on the program for numerous bus and air travel. To convey the city to guests alive, you have to get to know them well. On a guided tour with a local city guide, we explored the city center, had the history and stories of Brussels explained in detail, and then continued our tour on our own. An interesting visit also took us to the representative office of the city of Vienna, we learned about the important role that this “embassy of Vienna” plays in the ranks of the regions in the EU capital. Short visits to Antwerp, Mechelen and Ghent rounded off the program. A successful trip naturally includes impressions of the local cuisine – mussels, French fries, Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate are a must.